1. If you own, buy or sell real estate, you must  interact with  professionals who will require your signature/authority on every important document.  
  2. These documents  will seriously effect your financial and legal status.  DO NOT sign and DO NOT DELIVER any documents to anyone, if you are not 100% sure as to what your are signing.  Your signature will have serious impact on your finances / legal rights.
  3. We offer affordable legal review and  provide comprehensive legal advice at every stage of the transactions.

We routinely handle the following type of cases:

  • Real Estate Transactions & Related Issues
  1. We can tailor our services to your objective and budget: From simple consultation in  a sale transaction to a multi stage processes such as foreclosure, or even litigation for breach of contracts.
  2. You define the parameters of the service you need, we will do the rest. In all cases, an attorney works with you directly.
  3. Do not rely on realtors or your accountant for LEGAL advice. They are not qualified nor experienced at guiding you through many legal traps during a real estate transaction.
  • Foreclosure 
  1. Foreclosure is a process when a lender attempts to get the title of a property back from the owner, if the owner or the signer of the loan has failed to pay or follow some other term of the trust deed.  This process is a multi-stage event which allows the banks to obtain title and possession outside the court.
  2. The borrowers have remedies if in default and threatened with foreclosure. In all such cases, the borrower must get a competent Attorney to determine the best options. If you are an owner seeking to foreclosure, we can also help you foreclose on the property for notes and liens properly drafted and secured agains the property.
  • Bankruptcy   
  1. You can get  a fresh start in life by taking advantage of  laws to get a discharge of your debts;
  2. This process can eliminate  most of your debts (with a few exceptions like child/spousal support; taxes and student loans)
  3. Bankruptcy will stop lawsuits and wage garnishments upon filing;
  4. Bankruptcy will protect exempted assets by allowing you to keep them.  You may include unsuccessful personal business in your bankruptcy as well.
  • Banks
  1. Banks have  vested interest in your daily financial activities, both  personally and as it relates to your real property.  Almost every facet of your daily financial transactions, in one way or another, is tied to the banks’ terms of agreements and transactions whether you are aware of it  or not.
  2. As such, all of your signed documents in turn, are tabulated and deeply effect your credit rating and your costs of borrowing capital to buy, refinance or sell a property. So if banks use lawyers, you should do so to know your rights to avoid costly mistakes.
  3. Banks possess enormous capital leverage and constant expert legal counsel  in shaping your financial transaction.  You must carefully consider and understand the details of all of your loan documents before signing them.  Loan brokers are paid to sell you the types of loans that can give them the highest commissions.
  4. Our attorneys have many years of experience  and therefore we will take every step in focusing your resources to address any real estate problem you may have with the banks and their agencies. This will include loan modification, deed in liu or other similar proceudres.

We can also negotiate and remove liens which create a cloud on the title of your property, both before and after filing a bankruptcy.

  • Realtors
  1. Realtors are licensed professionals who provide a very valuable service in buying or selling your house.
  2.  There is a substantial body of state and federal statutes and decided case law that we know, which we use to insure that no real estate agent/company would violate  the fiduciary duty of  providing you with the  most ethical and professional standards of practice.
  3. It is our experience, that while  majority of transactions are dealt in a very cordial manner, there still are an enormous amount of miscommunication or lack of proficiency which can cause serious  harm in the way your agent may perform his/her duties.
  4. In all real estate transactions, you have many options at each step of the way,  and you must not be pressured to accept the terms that you are not comfortable with.
  •  Loan Agents
  1. Our office can review and guide you through any loan process and documentation, and make sure you get what you were promised.
  2. Taking a loan on a real property is a serious matter which can effect your financial status for years to come.
  3.  Have an experienced attorney clarify any and all terms that may become major points of conflicts in the future. an ounce of prevention is far better than a pound of cure” precisely describes the importance of the legal advice before the problem arises, rather than after is brews into a catastrophic financial problem.
  • Insurance Claims After Disasters & Accident
  1. The key to succeed in any insurance claim is the proper legal documentation of all possible damages and then follow up with expert negotiation strategies.
  2. Home damage claims from a variety of disasters can be a daunting task.
  3. Let us maximize your recovery by preventing the insurance company strategies that seek to minimize your payoffs.