Arbitration is a proceedings whereby two or more disputing parties seek to resolve issues before them by the use of a neutral arbitrator  instead of resorting to costly litigation. During the Arbitration, a neutral arbitrator (usually a retired judge or a very experienced attorney) will examine the evidence, hear evidence and testimony, follow the arguments and then render a decision much like a judge in the court of law.  In an Arbitration, the process of resolving the dispute becomes private and the timeline of the process is NOT controlled by the State Courts until a decree (i.e. a judgment, decision ) as to who should prevail is given by the Arbitrator. The cost of choosing the neutral Arbitrator is shared by the parties to the dispute.

If your company has a dispute with another in another country, we can also seek a resolution by arbitrating the dispute in front of the London Court of International Arbitration.


Our office can represent you in any lawsuit in the State Courts of State of California, or Federal District Courts; State of California Court of Appeal; Board of Immigration Appeal; And various other Administrative courts and proceedings.


When you reach a point in your life when repayment of debt becomes next to impossible, we can help you obtain a discharge of your debts, liens, stopping the harassing collection tactics and collection lawsuits under the Federal bankruptcy laws that are specifically designed to  give  you a “fresh start in life”. Don’t wait. You have options.

  • Liquidation of Assets and closure of business – Chapter 7
  • Settlement and installment repayment – Chapter 13
  • Debt settlements without filing for bankruptcy